February 14, 2020 4 min read

As time goes on, the popularity of CBD continues to grow.Reports show that Google searches for CBD products have risen rapidly in the past few years. Research also shows that 7% of Americans now use CBD, and that figure is expected to grow to 10% by 2025. And as the popularity of CBD grows, so do the new and unique ways to use it.

Some of the most commonly used types of CBD products include CBD Oils, CBD Capsules, and CBD Topicals. However, one of the most creative ways to use CBD is with CBD Toothpicks. You can use these just like regular toothpicks, but in addition to helping clean between your teeth, they also give you a generous dose of cannabidiol. Here’s our product review of CBD Toothpicks.

What Are CBD Toothpicks?

More unique ways to use CBD are emerging, and CBD Toothpicks are arguably one of the most creative. Although many users are used to using products such as CBD Oils or Capsules, CBD Toothpicks offer another way to incorporate CBD into your daily routine. Users who want to reduce plaque and get a good dose of CBD at the same time will love these products.

CBD Toothpicks are just like regular toothpicks, only they come coated in CBD Oil. As you gently chew on them and use them between your teeth, the toothpicks will begin to release the CBD. Since CBD is absorbed via membranes in the mouth, you’ll absorb CBD into your system when you use CBD Toothpicks as well as getting benefits for your teeth.

Various top CBD brands now offer CBD Toothpicks in a variety of flavors. Chewing on these and using them between your teeth can be enjoyable for the flavor alone, and incorporating them into your daily routine is a fantastic way to improve your teeth while also getting a daily dose of cannabidiol.

Why Use CBD Toothpicks

Why Use CBD Toothpicks?

There are now tons of convenient and effective CBD products you can use, so why use CBD Toothpicks? Although they might seem like a gimmick to some users, CBD Toothpicks are practical, effective, and there are many reasons why you might want to try them.

Using CBD Toothpicks is a great way to break down and remove plaque from in between your teeth. Not only that but as you use them, they’ll release CBD Oil while also stimulating salivary glands in your mouth. As such, you’ll be able to absorb the CBD inside quickly and effectively.

CBD Toothpicks contain a surprisingly high dose of cannabidiol. Just using one of these each day is a great way to consume 25mg of CBD. Of course, incorporating them into your daily routine will also keep your teeth healthy and impress your dentist. They offer up to 50 minutes of oral CBD release, making them an effective and practical way to fulfill your daily CBD needs.

As well as making it easy to absorb CBD into your system, CBD Toothpicks are often also infused with natural Spilanthes extract. Spilanthes are said toreduce toothache and inflammation in the mouth, meaning you’ll get soothing effects as you use these. They’re also infused with delicious flavors to make them highly enjoyable to use.

Where To Buy CBD Toothpicks

The best way to see how good CBD Toothpicks are is by trying them yourself. Many CBD brands now sell CBD Toothpicks, and you can also find CBD Toothpicks in a wide variety of flavors. While you may find them in some stores, the best way to get them is tobuy CBD Toothpicks online. Here are some of the best CBD Toothpicks to buy.

PureKana Pink Lemonade Pure Picks - These are an excellent choice for anyone looking to use toothpicks infused with pure CBD Oil. These contain no THC, but they are infused with Spilanthes extract to provide soothing relief for your gums. Each pack comes with 10 picks with a delicious Pink Lemonade flavor. 

Other flavors from PureKana are also available. If you want an alternative to Pink Lemonade, you can also try out theirMountain Berry Pure Picks,Cinnamint Pure Picks,Blue Raspberry Pure Picks orChurro Pure Picks.

Kushly Cinnamint CBD Toothpicks - Kushly is another top brand that offers some of the best CBD Toothpicks on the market. Each of these picks is infused with 25mg of pure CBD, and with 10 in each pack, you get a whopping 250mg of CBD in total. They’re also infused with a delicious Cinnamint flavor that makes them a joy to use.

Other flavors offered by Kushly includeCaramel Apple CBD Toothpicks,Strawberry Limeade CBD Toothpicks, andTropical Mint CBD Toothpicks. All of these work excellently and give you plenty of CBD, so the choice is down to which flavor you prefer.

Are CBD Toothpicks Right For You

Are CBD Toothpicks Right For You?

If you’re looking for a fun and convenient way to get a daily dose of CBD, CBD Toothpicks are one of the best options out there. Simply use one each day to clean your teeth while also getting a helpful serving of CBD. They also contain other ingredients to help benefit your teeth and gums.

While CBD Toothpicks offer a great way to absorb CBD, some users might prefer other options. If CBD Toothpicks aren’t for you, you can also try outCBD Oils,CBD Capsules,CBD Topicals or a range of other products fromThe CBDepot Shop.

All of these are legal, hemp-derived CBD products and the choice largely comes down to what suits you. All of these products are also available for convenient home delivery across the United States.


CBD Toothpicks are one of the most unique yet enjoyable CBD products you can buy. As you use them to clean your teeth, they’ll release a helpful serving of CBD for you to absorb via your mouth into your system. They’re also packed with flavor to make them even more enjoyable to use.

Users looking for a fun and convenient way to use CBD will enjoy CBD Toothpicks. However, whether you want to try out CBD Toothpicks or choose from a range of other high-quality CBD products, you can find everything you need available for delivery atThe CBDepot Shop.