What we do?


Not only do we spend countless hours researching the benefits and applications of CBD while staying up to date with the most recent discoveries; We also extensively research and vet all of the brands we carry to provide our customers with only the highest quality CBD products from Americas most trusted and credible CBD brands.

We call ourselves the “One-Stop-Shop” for all things CBD, and unlike other stores that only sell products; We believe that educating the community and cultivating trust through providing value is more important than just selling. We want our customers to use our platform not just as a reliable source for products, but also as a resource to educate, engage, and communicate their own ideas- to express their own opinions about what CBD does (or doesn’t do) for them.

Why us?


The CBD market is exploding, and will continue to do so for many years; this has led to new CBD brands and retails shops popping up, seemingly overnight, all over the place. This massive influx of CBD products into the market has created some ambiguity as to what CBD actually is, and has created confusion, as well as concern, for consumers trying to decide what products are right for them.

Here at The CBDepot, it is our mission to: provide education as to the nature of CBD and its applications, identify how CBD can best fit our customers needs, and connect our customers with the most reliable and researched CBD brands on the market.

Whether you’re a stressed-out business professional anxious about the afternoon’s presentation, an athlete looking for an effective, all natural addition to your post-workout regime, a grandparent with aches and pains looking to get the most out of playtime with the energetic grandkids, or a high-performance entrepreneur looking to take the edge off while maximizing productivity.

We are here to help you discover what CBD can do for you.